We're already towards the end of 2020 but we are still trying to rise above the changes and challenges brought to us by this pandemic. The extreme ramifications of the said global crisis may seem hopeless, yet a whisper of positivity perseveres that we will rise through this trial with our heads held high knowing that there is nothing we can't conquer. 

Aside from the women rocking every industry in this pandemic, it has been a known fact that women have continued to exemplify different kinds of bravery through history that's resilient, brave and true to themselves whatever the circumstances may be. In this new normal, as we adjust to its changes, we also see a wave of women being #TheNewBrave that we didn't even know we needed. 
In these trying times where bravery can be defined by a lot of different things, Whisper celebrates the new kind of bravery that sheds into light where women has adapted to anything and everything that life has thrown at them in this pandemic. As for me, that would be having a a full time day job and still being able to pursue my passion in blogging and content creating -- those are just some of the things that I am trying to consistently accomplish as I step into #TheNewBrave. 

#TheNewBrave is about rising through life's struggles and adversities; #TheNewBrave inspires women to embrace their vulnerability because we know that pain is not forever and that we always reach the other side as winners. 
Physical and emotional pain are best understood by women as it comes to us every month in different degrees which has developed a new kind of bravery rooted in resiliency. Whisper's 3x better protection* is sure to protect our most vulnerable moments as women, making sure that we can move regardless of our periods. The Whisper Pink (Cottony Soft) variant comes with dermacare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, reduces friction, adds moisture and improves the skin barrier making our monthly woes bearable. That's why Whisper helps women to still continue being #TheNewBrave and be at their best even during their worst cycles. 

For a glimpse at what #TheNewBrave means, watch Whisper’s new video below. Together, let's celebrate the small victories, find meaning and joy in everything we've been through that led into who we are today, because as women of Whisper, we can be #TheNewBrave in this new normal. 
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What are ways that you've been part of #TheNewBrave movement? Let me know in the comment section below. <3

Just like that, I have been in the blog-sphere for 5 years and I can't even believe it myself! Since I took a break for a hot minute, I'd like to let you in my little secret of fool proof beauty tips that I have learned in my five years of being a "beauty/lifestyle" blogger. 

You can click on the names of the products and it will redirect you to a site where you can buy my recommendations. Stay at home and only do online shopping to stay safe *wink* 

Skin Type:
  • Combination (Oily on the chin and t-zone area while dry on the forehead area)
  • My skin is acidic, I have eczema and obviously a very sensitive skin so I usually pick up products with gentle ingredients to avoid any allergic reaction.
Beauty Secrets:

1) A good pimple cream partnered with a pimple patch easily gets rid of cystic acnes.
First, what is cystic acne? These are the stubborn pimples forming underneath the skin (anyone can develop acne but this kind usually occur in people with oily skin) which are so swollen but cannot be popped because if you do, it will form even bigger acne beside each other making it even more difficult to treat. 

Tip: Put a pea size amount of M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream on the pimple, give it 5 to 10 minutes until it dries up then place an appropriate size of COSRX Pimple Patch on the affected area. 
Effect: The pimple will not fully develop, the puss and oil will be absorbed by the pimple patch making the said area dry if the regimen is done continuously in 2-3 days. 

2) If you feel any tightness in your skin after washing your face, the facial wash that you are using might be too strong for you. 

If your skin feels "too clean" and tight after washing your face, that is an indication that your  facial cleanser is too harsh for you. 

I've always thought that feeling "squeaky clean" after washing my face is a good thing but apparently, this means that too much oil has been stripped out of my skin making it too dry and later on irritated. 

Tip: I found out that there are two facial cleanser that works best for my skin. They are Human Nature's Balancing Facial Wash which contains "Elemi" - an ingredient known to cut down bacteria caused by excessive sebum and Althea Bare Essentials' Contour Cleanser that is best in removing make up residue, contains nourishing ingredients as well microcapsules that gently exfoliates skin. 

Effect: A subtle effect on sensitive skin but also making sure that all the make up residue will be removed without damaging the skin's natural oils.

3) Find a staple facial toner, do some research and make sure that it fits your skin's needs. 

Finding the perfect toner that fits your skin type is important for a facial toner's main purpose is to remove the impurities stuck in your pores preventing the accumulation of pimples. When this product is used religiously, it is sure to make the skin glow and tighten pores too. 

Tip: I have tried two toners that have definitely changed my life, Eskinol Spotless White Facial Deep Cleanser with Pure Calamansi Extracts which I have been using on and off since college for it is formulated for Filipina skin and has lightened my dark spots. Of course, my recent discovery A.Stop Clear Toner that comes in a spray bottle which also covers those hard to reach places like the infamous - backne

Effect: Eskinol is for sure a remedy in those stubborn dark spots and the A.Stop is for maintaining the glow of the skin. 

4) Exfoliate the face only once or twice a week.

It is no secret that exfoliating is a must but over-exfoliation can lead to increased flakiness and dryness of the skin. In severe cases, over exfoliation can cause rashes, scarring and even hyperpigmentation. 

Tip: To make sure that my skin gets the right amount of exfoliation, I only incorporate the St. Ives Radiant Skin Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub and the A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) to unclog my pores and prevent acne. 

Effect: The Pink Lemon and Mandarin variant is my favorite to use all over my face since it leaves my skin feeling fresh after exfoliation. It also has a citrus smell making my exfoliating experience enjoyable, while the BHA Blackhead Blaster works well in eliminating blackheads in the t-zone area. I used them simultaneously on my face, twice a week. 

5) Do not use your towel to wipe your face, only use a tissue or a wet wipe. 

We're always used to wiping our faces every bath or every time we wash our face with a towel and trust me, that's a big no no. Aside from the fact that our bath towel has been used to wipe off our body’s excess water from the shower (a number of times), it has also accumulated dirt from air dying. (Don't lie, we don't wash our bath towels every time after we bathe and that's okay! lol~)

Tip: I use tissue (Femme Decor Bathroom Tissue) to wipe my face or wet wipes (Purederm Argan OIl Towelettes) to remove my make up. 

Effect: This way, a fresh tissue is used to clean your face and not a towel that has been damped and might have gathered some bacteria. This lessens the chances of getting pimples or skin irritation. 

Note: We all have different skin types so some of the products I use might not work for you It's always do a skin/patch test before trying out any of these products to find out which brand best suits your needs. This is also NOT a sponsored post so every recommendation I have on this blog, I definitely have tried and tested. 

Do you have any tips and beauty secrets you want to share? Leave a comment below so others can see them too! <3

I've been a big fan of Korean BBQ ever since college when a friend of mine brought me to my very first Korean BBQ experience it Taft. This was back when you wouldn't need to line up for hours just to sink into your K-BBQ cravings because aside from the fact that it wasn't as hyped back then, only a few people knew that for only 500 pesos you'll able to eat these sumptuous food until you've eaten to your heart's content.  

Since I'm well acquainted with the said food, I have a staple KBBQ restaurant which I always go to whenever I need my samgyupsal fix. Believe me when I say that it took a lot for me to even try a new Korean BBQ joint because I've always been stuck to the idea that where I go to is the best until I tried the same quality of food and dining at Premier The Samgyupsal in San Juan. 

Premier the Samgypsal claims to serve fresh, tender and high quality imported meats perfect for their charcoal and butane powered grill. Aside from their aged samgyupsal, they also have USDA Certified imported beef and marinated meats that is sure to satisfy our tummies.

They asked us to try the Unli Mix of Beef, Chicken and Pork priced at 580 php so let's break it down, shall we?
There are 10 side dishes served to us before the meats were brought out. These were a mix of vegetables, steamed egg, beef soup and meat appetizers which is actually a bit overwhelming since we're so used to seeing just 5 side dishes at the most. But you know what they say right? The more the merrier!

We were then greeted with different kinds and cuts of premium beef, pork and even chicken. I was so amazed when they told me that there were also chicken cuts available to grill because in other KBBQ restaurants all I see on the menu are either beef or pork slices. It's great to actually have a "healthier" choice too!

Have a peak on their menu:
What make this place different from others?
We know how much of a struggle it is to call a waiter to refill our sides or meat on the grill since places like these are always jam packed. So one of the things that I love most about this place is that each table has a built in buzzer to call the attention of our very quick kuyas and ates. Once you press your buzzer, the number of your table will appear on each floor's LED screen making it easy and organized for everyone. 
That does not end there! 

We know that it is usual for KBBQ restaurants to have their staple fresh soju and a limited kinds of drinks that's why most of us just opt to drink water but Premier the Samgyupsal wants to make sure that they have us covered. They noticed how much people were looking for different types of drinks and beverages that they decided to add new ones on their menu as new suggestions came along, as well as added variants of Korean ice cream that all of us can enjoy during and after eating. 

Note: Drinks and Korean Ice Cream are not included on the list of what's unlimited for 500 php, okay?  ~lol~

Overall Rating from 1 to 5:  


Premier The Samgyupsal  is open Mondays to Sundays from 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM. You can visit their Wilson branch where I went to at 229 Wilson St. Greenhills San Juan Manila. 

Let me know if you're craving as much as I am for some samgyupsal. Have you tried other Premier The Samgyupsal branches too? Let me know in the comment section below. <3

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was asked to try their food and drinks just like how I would typically enjoy my food in the said restaurant in exchange for a review. However, all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying what they have to offer in the said restaurant. The food shown on the table where I was eating where good for 4 people. 
Local brands have recently been stepping up their game in bringing us natural and quality products. It always excites me whenever I get to try proudly Philippine made stuff for I don't have to look for international brands that can cater to my needs because they're all available here. 
Essentials by KD is a Filipino brand that was initially a passion project that turned into something that was always meant to be. After travelling and seeing beyond what is of norm, the creator/owner has turned the brand into something that others could experience as well. This FDA approved local brand is fully devoted into creating self-care products from premium and fruitful raw materials that can inspire all kinds of people, feelings and expressions. 

I've recently been stressed with work so when they asked me which scents I would like to try, I immediately picked fruity and soothing bunch to help me relax and calm my nerves. 

The stuff came in a cardboard box filled with simple and natural products - everything was so easy on the eye and packaging was cute and minimalist that I can't wait to try them all out! 

Let me take you to a tour with the essentials that my boxed contained with quick reviews about them. 
Mermaid Hair Mist
Selling Price: 200 php (120 ml)
Ingredients: Purified Water, Magnesium Sulfate, Salt and Coconut Oil

This product has absolutely done wonders for me especially when I had long hair. Since I was always on the go, I didn't have any time to fix my hair so this has helped me achieved my "mermaid waves"

All I had to do was put my hair on a bun, spray it with some of product, leave it for about an hour and once I remove my hair tie - I get my instant natural looking waves with zero effort!

Note: I am yet to try it on my short hair! I'll update this once done. <3

Hush Hand Sanitizer
Selling Price: 100 php
Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Water, Fragrance Oils, Phenoxyethanol, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Glycerin.

Who knew that sanitizing can smell this calming? I am always used to a strong alcohol scent whenever I sanitize with store brought sprays but with this, I never had to worry about that. Aside from it doing it's job in cleansing, it also can be used as a deodorizer which is even better because it makes everything smell like lavender too.

Rebel Sun Body Cream
Selling Price: 350 php (200 ml)
Ingredients: Unscented Base Lotion, Citrus Reticulata, Aroma Oil, Zingibe Officinate Aroma Oil and Musk Aroma Oil. 

I have always expressed that I am not a fan of putting on lotion but whenever the weather is not too humid, I try to put on as much as I can. This Rebel Sun variant from their Body Cream line has been quite a surprise! It is especially made to re-energize the skin and is designed to uplift the mood which really did work well for me. 

The rich and creamy formula of the product has rather a "ginger-orange-scent" to it which I love so much that if the humid weather is not letting put on lotion to my whole body, I'd put more on my hands instead so that I can keep on smelling it's perfect scent.

Stardust Body Mist
Selling Price: 450 php (110 ml)
Ingredients: Sugracane Extract, Purified Water, Lavandula Aroma Oil, Musk Aroma Oil

This soothing mist has been a key element whenever I start my rest days off from work. A thing that I learned from my mom is that a good smelling mist after a cold shower might just do the trick in making yourself feel good whether you opt to stay at home or have a whole day full of errands. A calming scent will definitely will set your day's mood, I can tell you that!

Since the scent doesn't last as long as I hoped it would, this has been my designated mist whenever I'm at home due to its aromatic blend that has been keeping me from smelling fresh and feeling zen all at the same time. 

Vanilla Mend Lip Balm
Selling Price: 120 pesos (4g)
Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Theobroma Cacoa Seed Butter, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Cera, Alba Wax, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil Flavor and Tocopherol Acetate. 

My lips have been been very chapped recently due to trying on different lipsticks that's why this lip balm has been my savior! I am not really a fan on putting on lip balm but I decided to use this to fix the problem. <3

Due to it's buttery consistency and vanilla scent,  I make sure that I put just enough on my lips. A good tip would be to slightly dab it on the lips and evenly spread the product with your fingers to make sure that the balm won't go to waste. I put this on my lips before bed to make sure that they will be having their treatment with absolutely no distractions.

Essentials By KD can absolutely curate a box that will suit your needs. They'll also been launching more products soon that I'm sure all of us will enjoy. Go and try what they have to offer and I'm sure that you won't regret it one bit. <3

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The products were sent to me By KD in exchange of a beauty review but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying the products.