Still Thoughts

8:40:00 PM

Still Thoughts? What is Still Thoughts? 

Well, this will be a segment in my blog where in I write the most random thoughts in my head every time I have my quiet time a.k.a coffee time/rest day. Who knows? We might have the same thoughts in our head that we can probably talk about. Right? :) 

  • I have done nothing but sleep for the past 2 days that I had my rest day. I can't believe that 12 hours of sleep still doesn't suffice. I'll be back to work later!
  • I wonder if how people find my blog? Do they read it because they know me or they read it because they can somehow relate to me?
  • I love coffee. I can drink coffee all day and never get tired of it but then... palpitations so NO.
  • I love reading Camie Juan and Isa Garcia's blogs. They are my ultimate inspiration and life. 
  • I'm thinking of writing an open letter blog to all the bullies out there. Should I?
  • I miss A. I really do. I'll see you on December!
  • I want to delete so many friends on facebook. I want to unfollow so many people on twitter and instagram too. Why? I just don't feel particularly safe anymore. I don't trust people much, that's why. I learned my lesson.
  • I'm wearing a dress for work tonight. I am tired of wearing jeans.
  • I am on my quarter-life-crisis. I really can't understand myself recently. It's like I am always asking "Why?" and I am fully aware that I shouldn't be asking that.

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