Wearables: Statement Tees and Other Shirts

6:28:00 PM

(previously eighth.street)

They are a start up instagram store owned by two girls who prints super nice and affordable white tees. They sell there shirts starting from 280 pesos which is really affordable and hip considering that the prints and nicely placed on the shirt. As you can see, Arvic's shirt can even fit me! Hahaha! Perfect for a chill day! You can even ask them for a 1-2 day delivery upon your request. Thank you so much for sending A and I your awesome shirts in a jiffy! <3

This new store is kind of a mystery to me since they haven't posted they first collection yet they sent us their stuff as the first ones who'll be wearing them. They sent me this floral top which is casual yet super nice since its wearable in anything. They also sent Arvic this cute pink polo shirt  that's perfect for casual days or even our dates! We hope to see your first collection soon! <3

I also want to say thank you to our wonderful and ever patient photographer who drove us everywhere and took all the time to have the perfect pictures taken for us, Justine Bernal Recio!

 You can check her instagram @justinerecio or her tumblr for more deets about her. :)

For any collaborations with me or Arvic, you can email me at blanchecarpio@gmail.com and I'll surely respond. Thank you <3

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