Wearables: Summer Must-Haves So Far!

8:56:00 PM

Summer is my most favorite time of the year not because of the weather (lol its so hot ok) but because its that time when I can wear almost anything dainty, pastel and floral. 

Here are the some of the stuff I wore, bought or used and maybe it can give you some ideas on what you're going to wear next. 

One piece swimsuit: Cococabana
(SM Dept. Store)

Tank Top: Divisoria

Maxi Dress: Jellybean

Sunnies: Divisoria
Kimono: Divisoria
Shorts: Diviaoria
Blue tank top: Forever21

Pink polka dress: Lauren Conrad
Sling Bag: Gap

Necklace: @ohsnapph (on instagram)
Top: Mossimo
Lippie: Avon (Wild Orchid)

Necklace: @ohsnapph (on instagram)
Knitted Top: Thrift store
Lippie: Avon (Wild Orchid)

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