Word Babble: Been There, Done That.

August 30, 2015

Being home on a Friday night inspired me to write this blog entry that you're reading right now. (Yes, I was home on a Friday night.)

You know what's funny? It's if you knew me waaaay before I became a "Tita of Manila" that I am today, I had a phase.

Meet Blanche 5 years ago...

Don't worry, I am not proud of these photos as well. I just feel like I needed to show you what I looked like before to make my point. (Hashtag life and lessons. Lol)

I was 18 years old when I started partying. Well, not to the extent of losing my values and such but then again, it was NOT a healthy lifestyle. At that time, clubs were not yet "in" and "open parties" were such a hit. These "open parties" were often held in exclusive villages... It didn't matter where you're from but when its says that the party is going to be in Pasig, everyone will find a ride just to go. I was from Manila so imagine me going to those places every week. I didn't have a driver nor a car so I commute or took the cab. 

It was fun! Yeah, no doubt. Picking what to wear, being with your friends, meeting new people, dancing and alcohol. It felt so cool whenever random people add me on facebook and be like "Oh, I saw you at *insert name of open party here* last night!" 

Every weekend routine was meet up with friends at Cainta, Taytay or Antipolo after school, dress up altogether, get a cab, party til 1 or 2 then sleepover at a friend's house. I had that on repeat for the next two years. 


Not everyone was blessed to have this phase early on in life. I consider it a blessing because not all people had the chance to age as timely as I did. I mean, I can now say that I do not regret having experienced this because it made me realize that there is more to life than partying and socializing. I learned that not all the people that you meet are actually your "friends". 

I am not condemning nor judging those people who stayed or like this kind of lifestyle because that's their choice. I'm just saying that its not for me.

At 22, I still enjoy going out, having a drink or two with friends or even throwing parties on my birthday but now... I also love staying at home on weekends to hang out with my family or catch up with my series. I learned to appreciate my alone time too.

Its fun to have that phase in my life but I am more than glad that I was done with that too. I can gladly say that "I have been there and I am absolutely done with that life." :)

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