Wearables: Dainty Sundays

2:06:00 AM

Sundays are usually spent with family or as a day for relaxation. For me, Sunday is a day where in I can dress up and just enjoy the day with family, my boyfriend or a friend. That's why Sundays are such a treat for me.

In this blog are Sunday-outfit-suggestions that might be helpful in picking yours too!

Outfit 1: I love an off shoulder top. It allows you to feel the right amount of sexy without even trying too much. I paired it with a comfy high waist quilted shorts to balance it out. 

Outfit 2: A plain top is a staple in my closet because its so easy to partner with anything. I wore the plain flowy top in 2 ways. First, I paired it with the same quilted shorts and a denim jacket for a morning ensemble. Second, I paired the top with black denim pants for an outfit that can be worn at night for a nice dinner with the boyfie. 

Option 3: This floral top is a bit challenging for me since its kinda big for my size but then there's nothing like a little tuck in a maxi skirt couldn't fix.

You? What are do you usually wear on Sundays? <3

{Fuschia Off Shoulder, White Flowy Top and Floral Top are all sponsored by @reystoreph on instagram}

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