23rd Boho Birthday (#B23)

January 28, 2016


I love celebrating birthdays. That's one fact about me.  I like to think of themes, go to Divisoria for getting decorations and making a list of who to invite like a real tita that I am. Hahaha! Kidding! 

 A week before my party, I shopped at Divisoria for my decorations. I can't believe how cheap everything was. My mom is the best because she exactly knew where to go. My decors for the whole party cost around only 1k. Those are all the lamps, lights, lanterns, printed balloons, cutesy paper plates and colorful utensils. My mom also gave me a brilliant idea of getting mason jars as my giveaway. I got around 12 mason jars for 50 pesos each with colorful straws. 

I had so much fun because there were so many options to choose from. The little kid in me wanted to change my theme from Bohemian to Disney Princesses but then again my guests would hate me for sure. Hahaha!

This year, I decided to celebrate my birthday in the South with a small group of friends. I rented this 2 bedroom home at BF Thai Paranaque who is owned by Dianne (a super nice mom-entrepreneur) of Shortstayph. She and her partner allowed us to decorate her backyard as well as use everything in their home. My friends and I will surely be renting some more of her properties soon!

Jaja, Anj, Jaypee and Charles help me set up the place around 2 PM. My guests started arriving at 7 PM.

Here are the rest of the photos from my 23rd Boho Birthday!

{Justine and Anj} 
{Liao and Ali}
{Earl, Glenda, Danica and Nathan}

{Brent, Mich and Jaja}
{Liao, Ali and Brent}
{Anj, Charles, Tin and Jaja}

 {Nova and Ali *insert Patty and Joymee*}

{Drunk-esque photo HAHAHA}

That wraps up my 23rd birthday! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos! <3

** If you also want to rent the fabulous house in BF Thai that we stayed into, you can check out Shortstayph. The owner (Dianne) has a couple of properties in QC, Makati, Tagaytay and Pasay that I know you, your friends and your family will surely enjoy!  <3**

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