Thought Babble: Something New

January 14, 2016

Crazy is such an understatement to describe what 2015 was for me. It had so much plot twists that even I was forced to keep up. Hahaha! But hey, life won't be complete without its twists! 

Every year, we all want something new to happen. We crave for new adventures that give us unforgettable lessons too.

A lot of people might think of it as cheesy but I want to see how much progress I'll be making this year. The year's just started anyway, might as well give it a try!

I am a person who loves to plan. (That's one thing I love and hate about myself. Hahaha!) So I thought of writing a blog post about things I want to try to accomplish this 2016. 

Sounds scary and exciting right? Am I ready to do this? We'll see! I have 11 more months. 

1. Make more art.

I've been so busy at work that I forgot how much sketching or painting calms me. Its another way for me to de-stress. I think that I should find more time to practice and create more art.  Art is whatever you make it. Whether that art is painting my room, sketching clothes or taking photography lessons... I'll make time.

2. Go and try restaurants that I haven't tried before.

I love food but I always stick to my favorites. I just go to familiar restaurants to be sure that I enjoy what I eat and get my money's worth. I realized that I need to try more cuisines even if that entails travelling to places just to try them. But please, no ketchup! Hahaha!

3. Spend more time in doing things alone.

I am used to doing things with people that I become a bit dependent. I want people to know me for being me and not because I am a part of a pair or a team. Its not that I don't want to be a part of something, I just want to feel like I am doing some things for me and not just because I am told to do it for people. 

4. Update my closet.

Updating my closet doesn't mean that I have to get clothes all the time. Hahaha! It means that once a month, as I get stuff that I need, I should also get rid of the things that I don't use anymore. My closet can only accommodate so much. *note to self*

5. Drink more water and drink less coffee.

I love coffee more than water to be honest. I can go through the day with just 3 glasses of water and 2- 3 cups of coffee. Super unhealthy right? My work is always on a night shift that's why I was so used to drinking coffee but recently I've noticed that I've been getting intense headaches, that's when I realized that I should at least try to stop with excessive coffee drinking. (I'm sure that this is going to be one of the most difficult thing to do *cries*)

{Eye Shadow (Elf), Lipstick (NYX), Hat (H&M)}

6. Climb more mountains.

I am scared of heights, let's just put it at that. But last year, I climbed a mountain with my friend and I realized that the view at the top was breathtaking, It was worth all the sweat and nausea.  (Yes, I almost puked.) But see, conquering my fear of heights and exercise... hitting two birds with one stone. 

7. Let things take it own phase. 

As I've said, I like planning things. I always see to it that I know the outcome of the stuff that I'll be doing that I sometimes forget that some things take time to unfold. This year, I should try to just let go and let things take its course no matter how much I hate not knowing what's next.

8. Know when its time to walk away.

Putting my all into everything is actually one of my best and worst traits. I sometimes forget about myself when I am passionate about people or things that I'm doing. This year, I should remind myself that I matter too.

9. Sleep more.

I am a bit of a work-a-holic in almost anything. I see to it that I am done for the day before I end my day that I only have an hour or two of sleep. Sleep is good. I should learn how to balance my life so that I have time to sleep too!

10. Put myself first.

Last year, I poured my heart out on things that won't even matter years from now. As a result, I forget who I was. I like taking care of everything and anything that I sometimes forget that my feelings are important too. This year, I will be basing my decisions on what's good for me and that's okay. 

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