Wearables: Style and Comfort

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Hello, guys! I'm back from my indefinite hiatus and I am more than ready to post something new this 2016. I'm starting this January with a "Wearables" post since I haven't posted one in a while. <3

Most people know me for a girl who loves dresses and skirts so I want to try something new this time and wear pants. 

I wanted pull off an "effortless-tomboy" ensemble. I paired these pair of midnight blue trousers with a printed top so that it would look a bit casual than corporate.  I also rolled the bottom of the pants with matching loafers for a more laid back feel to it...  And oh, a messy bun for my hair! The outfit was so comfy that I wanted to wear it the whole day. Hahaha!

Polo - H&M
Trousers - F21
Loafers - GU (Japan)

Remember my good friend, Patty? (from my Day x Night post) She has the love for editing and taking photos and I love make up and styling so we are always a team when it comes to these kind of stuff.

I asked Patty to wear a nude spaghetti-strapped dress with lace details with her hair on a ponytail. The dress and look was simple that I can pair it with almost any blazer or jacket so its the perfect match for the embellished blazer and platform sandals to balance the whole outfit. (Btw, I got the blazer from a thrift shop and it only cost around 150 pesos. It was such a perfect steal!)

Dress - F21
Blazer - Thrift Shop
Sandals - Rubi

{Make up: Avon (Brows, Powder, Eye Liner), Etude (BB Cream), Elf (Eyeshadow), Nyx (Lipstick)}

{Make Up: Avon (Brows, Powder, Eye Liner), Etude (BB Cream), Elf (Eye Shadow), Loreal and LA Color (Lipstick) }

The top that I am wearing in this photo has been one of my personal favorites. (Yay for prints!) I wanted to put my hair on a messy bun and it was absolutely perfect for my top that's a bit backless. I wore a pair of black ripped jeans so it can easily go from day to night with matching peach colored heels to add some height since I'm only 5'0. Hahaha! 

Peplum Top - @Beauchique (instagram)
Jeans- Factorie
Heels- Parisian

I was browsing through the pages of Stylized (Liz Uy's book) and I saw a similar ensemble. I loved this slit skirt that Patty had because it was blue green and the slit wasn't that high. I asked her let her hair down and it looked very classy matched with the white sweater that is perfect a bit of a cold weather that we now have. Of course, never forget the comfy pair of heels!

Sweater - F21
Skirt - F21
Heels - Parisian

{Make Up: Avon (Brows, Powder, Eye Liner), Etude (BB Cream), Elf (Eye Shadow), Nyx (Lipstick) }

{Make Up: Avon (Brows, Powder, Eye Liner), Etude (BB Cream), Elf (Eye Shadow), LA Color (Lipstick) }

Here's to more fashion, make up and travel posts this year. I hope you enjoyed my first post for 2016. You can comment below for any suggestions too! <3 

Photographed by: Blanche Carpio and Patricia General 
MUA and Styled By: Blanche Carpio (blanchecarpio@gmail.com)
Photos Edited By: Patty General  (patriciageneral2014@gmail.com)
P.S. Special thanks to my friend, Brent Wu for picking my photos when I was too tired to. Hahaha! 

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