Beauty Review: Crunchy Oatmeal Bar, Berry Kiss Cream and Temptations Mousse Cream by Skin Tempations

February 4, 2016

Ever since I was a kid, my skin was naturally sensitive to everything. I only have certain products that I can use because my skin gets easily irritated. With that being said, its a bit difficult for me to try new stuff no matter how other say that it worked for them.

Now that i'm a bit older, I decided that I want to try new skin products aside from the ones I usually use but... everything had to be natural and organic for me to try.

So Skin Temptations was right on time when they asked me to try some of their products. Their stuff are derived from 100% natural and organic ingredients which were also FDA approved. I'm really excited to review and try them out.

Crunchy Oatmeal Bar

Crunchy Oatmeal Bar is a a rich, moisturizing organic bar - super-mild for all skin types including sensitive skin. The perfect balance of shea butter, honey, and finely ground oatmeal.

My thoughts:
  • It smells good! It really does smell like milk and oatmeal in a bowl. Hahaha
  • The suds are like the ones on a regular soap which is good because I felt like it was really cleansed my skin. 
  • It's 100 pesos which is rather cheap for an organic-moisturizing soap.
  • There were no side effects.
  • My skin felt soft after every bath. 
Will I buy it again?
Yes, I definitely will! I love its smell as well as how smooth it makes my skin feel after almost a week of using it. <3

Berry Kiss Cream

Berry Kiss Cream is a cream that opts to make cheeks and lips naturally red that comes in a strawberry flavor. (Of course! Hahaha!)

{Before and After}

My Thoughts:
  • It really does smell like real strawberries.
  • It made my BB cream and press powder cake after application on my cheeks.
  • It wasn't as red as I hoped it would be when applied on my lips. 
  • My cheeks did have "natural" redness to it after application.
  • It took more than 5 application to get it a bit red on my lips and did kind of felt like wax-y afterwards.
Will I buy it again?
I just might buy another one because it smelled so good and it only costs 80 pesos. It also had a natural blush when applied on my cheeks. But... I'm not sure that I'll be using it that much for my lips since I didn't get the desired tint. 

Tempations Mousse Cream

Temptations Mousse Cream a cream is made of natural ingredients that exceptionally whitens your skin. It can easily dries up your pimples and hydrates your skin texture leaving it supple and radiant glow.

{After a week of using Temptations Mousse Cream.}
My Thoughts:
  • The melon scent was divine! I loved applying it on my face because of its smell.
  • The cream was a bit thick so it was a bit difficult to massage on my face. I had to really massage it so it won't leave white marks.
  • My face felt so soft.
  • The pimple below my chin was gone after two days if using it. It was amazing, really!
  • There were no side effects at all.
Will I buy it again?
If it still continues to soften my skin and remove blemishes, I sure will! This is actually a sample product that they gave me for review so the price is yet to be announced but I'm pretty sure that due to its wonderful effect on my face, I'll buy one again. 

So here is an honest review about some of Skin Temptations' products. Do you want to get yours? Just click on the links to get your own! 

**This is a sponsored post but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying these three products for almost a week.

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