Thought Babble: If Tinder Profiles Were Completely Honest

February 11, 2016

Early January I got together with two of my closest friends Jaypee and Justine to do a bit catching up. It was a night full of conversations and chill drinking which was fun because everything was a bit too chaotic at that time.

When the night was a bit too “sabaw” to handle, they both showed me that they had Tinder.

“Tinder? What? Why?”

That was my initial reaction being the relationship person/Tita of Manila that I am. I found it very odd that my friends had given up on the traditional “meeting the person before going out on a date” thing.

“You should try it! It’s fun! It’s not like you’re going out with every guy that’s your match.” – That’s what they both told me. They convinced me that I was too uptight with life and I should try something out of my comfort zone for 2016 so I did.

When I got home, I had the app installed and used it for like a week or two and had it deleted afterwards because… I still felt weird about the whole thing. Hahaha! It was rather fun but the app was just not for me.

The most difficult part of the whole app was coming up with something “About Me” on my profile. I don’t know how I'd “introduce” myself in 500 characters to a lot of people without having a real conversation with them first. How does one do that?

I still managed to salvage my old profile to show you the photos and profile that I originally had. Here it is:

“If my Tinder profile was completely honest, would those boys still swipe right?” 

If my Tinder profile was completely honest, this is the “About Me” that I would have put up:

“Hi! I’m really not into this app but since my friends asked me to give it a try, here’s is my silly attempt to try something new in my life. I’m really into the traditional kind of dating so I really don’t know what to input in this portion of my profile but okay…

On my rest days, I am a girl who loves to binge watch movies and series or trying different cafes and restaurants listed on the internet just to check if they’re really as good as it was reviewed online. I also enjoy art and museums. I like staring into beautiful art just to admire the hard work that was put into making that piece.

I like meaningful conversations and intelligent humor because who doesn’t? And oh, I stand people who love to brag so much about material things... I just can't.

I love sports. I play volleyball, do karate and taekwondo too! I like watching basketball and that is not a joke. (I can name all the NBA teams. Why? My cousins are all boys and I grew up watching basketball. Lol)

I am 23 years old and I am still in love with anything Disney and the Disney Princesses.

I work night shifts so I’d probably be taking naps at the time that you’re wide awake. I don’t know if that’s going to be an issue but I need my sleep because I love sleep.

I am really bad at accepting compliments. I am not phishing for the compliments either, I just think it’s what boys say to impress me or other girls. If you compliment me, my reply would be “Bolero!” or “Nangaasar ka ba?” because idk.

I go for what I want without excuses. I don’t like falling short on things I worked really hard for.

When some days are “off”, I can be really grumpy and moody. I’m not going to tell you that I’m having a bad day nor you have done something to offend me though, because I’m not really vocal about my feelings. I also have a bad habit of deleting people’s numbers whenever I get really pissed so if I asked “Who’s this?” when you text me, you already know what that means.

Tip: a hug and telling me that everything will be okay always works for me.

I just got off of a 4 year relationship that’s the reason why I am really guarded. I have legit trust issues that’s why it might be a bit difficult for me to be asked out. I have no time for fair-weather-people in my life as well so I pick the people carefully and meticulously. So if I decide to keep you in my life, I think that you’re a person worth of my time and trust.”

If you had the chance to be totally honest on your Tinder profile, what would you "About Me" say? 

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