A Letter To My Future Boyrfriend

February 25, 2016

{Photo by: Cayton Heath}
Dear you,

I am not quite sure if I already met you or if I haven't met you yet but I'm pretty sure that you are  a tough one. You're a tough one to even wait for me until I am ready to trust again.

As of the moment, I don't want a boyfriend yet. I have a lot of trust issues and I need to resolve them by myself or maybe with you... if you're willing to wait for me.

But to be honest, I need someone to tell me that everything's going to be okay. I need someone to tell me that its not that bad to take a chance with me. I need someone who'll support me in the things I want to do in life regardless of how hard you think it might be for me to achieve them. I need someone to hold me and make me feel that the pieces of me are back together... those pieces of me I know I've lost.

I want to say sorry in advance if there are times that I'll be stubborn because of the things I want to achieve in life. There will be times where in you'll see that its going to be bad for me but I'll do it anyway just to prove myself that its a bad idea. I also want to say sorry because there will definitely be times where in I won't be saying how I feel just because I am used to that. 

But I know that when I finally decide to take that chance with you, I am ready for a new life and adventures with you. I am ready to have those random conversations on our drive home from our dates.  I am ready to travel with you no matter how far and how long but most of all, I am ready to trust and give all the benefit of the doubt in the world for you and for us.

Thank you for not freaking out when I laid all the cards on the table on our first date because that's what my kuya told me to do. Thank you for seeing the best in me when I couldn't. Thank you for supporting me in my goals in life. Thank you for being my friend and partner in everything. Thank you for being my last.

I will be my true and best version of myself when I'm finally with you in God's perfect time. 

I wish to meet you soon and I hope you're not getting tired of praying for me.

All my love, 


  1. Awww, Blanche I loved this! :( <3 This is such a simple, sweet, and sincere piece. I'm proud of you! I wish to see more posts like this!

  2. Hi Blanche, hope you'll meet the man who will love and cherish you all throughout his life. Wishing you all the best! :)

    1. Hi, Hazel! Thank you for all those kind words. <3 See you soon?