10 Random Things and People I’m Thankful For This 2016 (First Quarter)

March 4, 2016

I have always liked the word "Thank you." Its always a good thing to say how much you appreciate the simplest things in life. No matter how big or small, I believe that it deserves even just a simple appreciation. Which led me to writing this post because I have a lot to be 
thankful for. <3

·         Blogging Opportunities
I have just started blogging last year and it was a bit surprising (to be honest) for me that I’m getting projects from stores and brands that are interested in working with me to endorse and write reviews about them with no biases. They send me their products and allow me ample to write about them. I’m feeling so much love you guys, thank you!

·          A photographer friend who is willing to take your blog style photos with you and be your muse too.
Patty and I have always loved fashion. We have different styles but then it has become so exciting that she is always game to take my photos and also be my muse when it comes to styling and make up. She’s so game with the styles I pick for her, researches trends with me and rocks every outfit I make her wear every time. Yay for a bff like her!

·         A friend who lets you sleepover during the Valentine’s weekend.

Valentine’s Day 2016 was the first Valentine’s in 5 years that I am single. It was going to be an awful weekend for me but I’m glad that my friend Justine was kind enough to adopt me and cry with me that weekend. We had wine, tons of sleep, movie marathon and heart to hearts that would last us a year. Eew to those feelings but so much love for Tin.

·         Loyalty of friends even after a big heartache in life.
I have always thought that after my break up with my ex that I would lose all the wonderful cadet girlfriends that have been my closest friends for the past three years but I was wrong. These girls have been the most loyal and loving people I have ever met in my life. They even went to my house the first chance they had upon arriving in Manila. (These girls were from Mindanao) They defended me and even admired how I stuck with my relationship all those years. Thank You for giving me these wonderful people. 

·         A box of beauty products that would last me a year.
I was sponsored by an organic beauty product line from the Philippines named Leinia House of Beauty. They sent me a box full of their amazing skincare products that have been so effective to me. They’re so nice to send me all their products. (Yes, one of each!) 

·        A bunch of friends who is as into fashion, chill parties, music, clothing and photography as you are.

Patty, Nova, Ali, Liao, Anj, Cara, Brent and Justine have been my constants. It’s fun to have friends who have the same interests as you. It’s cool that I can text or send them a photo of what I’d wear for the day and respond with the choice that I’d actually would go for too. I can also send them random invites to events that I want to go to and get a one letter reply which is “G.” Hahaha! Love them to death. <3

·         Fun people at work that makes working seem easier.
Work has been difficult for the past few months because bigger responsibilities were given to me and our team but it was easier for me to adapt because I have my good friends Anj, Rochelle, Hannah and Mujey. I feel like no matter what happens, we’ll have each other’s backs. 

·         A couple of event and projects lined up this summer.
I am blessed because some brands invited me to blog about their summer events and festivities. You know the best part? They said that I can bring some of my friends to each of the events too! Imagine a summer full of fun and travel, what could get any better than that?

·         I feel that all these blessings are the good juju from all the heartache I felt last year.
Last year has been one of the hardest and most heartbreaking thing that I had to go through. It was full of drunken nights, sleepover with friends to keep me from crying and lullabies from my mom so I could sleep. I feel like the quarter of this year has been full of exciting people, projects and blessing beyond compare. Thank you Lord for making me feel like everything has a rainbow after the rain. 

You? What are you most thankful for? I want to hear all about it! You can leave your comments below <3


  1. Love love love this post, B!
    May your good vibes and attitude of gratitude continue on this exciting year! Only good things to come, bhe. Love you always. x

  2. I also love the words "thank you" - both in hearing it and speaking it. Glad to hear about the exciting blog opportunities you've been receiving and real friends that are there through thick and thin! I've actually written a post about things I'm thankful for here if you'd like to give it a read. :)

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for dropping by, Richel! I look forward to reading yoir blogposts. :)