Althea Korea: One Stop K-Beauty Store

September 29, 2016

I have recently been busy with work and had absolutely no time to even go out or even catch up on my blogging because my laptop also broke. On my rest days, I'd go to sleep or catch up on my favorite US series because I'm trying to save my energy when work resumes after 2 days of rest.

After finishing my bulk of US series and came to a conclusion that I had to wait until their season breaks resume for me to watch them again, my friends from work suggested that I watch some K-Drama. Yes, that is Korean Drama.

I have enjoyed it quiet a bit that I noticed how much they value their skin care and beauty regimen. I see how simple their make up looks and admired how much they take care of their skin in each show. THAT IS NO JOKE. THAT'S IN EACH SHOW. From beauty masks, to night creams, facial soaps, lipsticks and much more.

While scrolling through stuff on the internet to somehow search the products they use for their skin care regime, I found a store that offers a wide array of authentic K-beauty products without having to go to the mall or having to spend so much.

Althea Korea was founded by Mr. Frank Kang in June 2015 to bridge authentic Kbeauty to SEAsians. Despite the increasing popularity of K-beauty items in the world, there was  not a one-stop shopping destination where everyone and anyone in the world could enjoy authentic K-beauty products at a reasonable price, just as Koreans consumers do in Korea.

And just in time for their first birthday, they sent me a box full of sponsored make up as a gift to us avid beauty bloggers! 

Here is my loot and I hope you enjoy my short reviews in each of them.

Selfie Perfect Eyebrow
(Witch's Pouch)
1.6 g
150 pesos
(from 470 pesos)
Available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown Gray Brown and Light Brown

This perfect eyebrow selfie pen is easy to use! Its just a simple two-in-one brush and pen duo that makes it quick for us girls to apply. No need for that get that extra eyebrow brush since its directly attached to its opposite side. It also comes with an extra eyebrow pen refill. How easy and convenient, right?

The Style 4D Mascara

170 pesos
(from 198 pesos)

 I am a big fan of long and thick lashes so this product is perfect for me. Unlike other mascaras, Missha's 4D mascara doesn't clamp on the my lashes and easily makes my lashes look thick that goes for my long lashes. It easy to remove after a long day too. No hassle!

Skin Liar Primer

30 ml
170 pesos 
(from 1000 pesos)

I was not a big fan of skin primers until I tried this one. The Skin Liar Primer covered my pores evenly and made my skin less oily. It also made it easier for me to apply my make up because my skin has become more smooth after application.
Bonus: My entire face smelled like flowers.

Soft Blending Stick Blusher

520 pesos
(from 720 pesos)
Available in Milk Pink, Mud Brown, Pecan Brown, Rose Pink and Sugar Glam

This blusher has been my most favorite from the entire gift box that I received from Althea Korea. This two-in-one blending blusher made my skin shine (in a good way) and also made it smell like roses. I use it as a highlighter and it never failed to make my face look fresh and glowing. I just love it!

Rosy Tint Lips
(Etude House)

350 pesos
(from 478 pesos)
Available in After Blossom, Baby Pioni, Before Blossom, English Garden, Sweet Petal, Sunny Flower, Sweet Poison and Tea Rose.

This creamy like textured matte lipstick is best for those effortless look that we're trying to achieve. There is a sponge tip that makes it easier for me to turn my lipstick into a gradient like color which is super popular these days. It smells like real flowers too!

I posted this photo in instgram last month to greet Althea Korea a happy happy birthday and I used all their products which were given to me. 

These products have been a staple on my make up kit ever since I got them and has never failed to give me an au-natural look. I cannot wait to do some more shopping from them! 
Visit them at and follow them on instagram at @altheakorea to go and get your authentic K-beauty loot too. <3

Once again, dwineuj-eun saeng-il chugha Althea Korea! I hope you continue to spread the beauty of Korea just like how the Althea flower gives off the fragrance of perfume <3

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