October 7, 2016

I think most of us are aware, especially us "Millennials", that a new group of personalities emerged from the social media and internet circle. Yes, I'm talking about bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers that has taken over the digital world. A pool of young writers and artists who are respected in their respective social media platforms for bringing unique and useful content that any person of any age can relate to.

Last September 29, the very first E! Bloggers Ball  was held at City of Dreams Manila to celebrate this year's top influencers. To my surprise, I was one of the lucky bloggers that Clozette (The Official Fashion Network) invited to join the said event. How exciting, right? 

It was such a great chance and opportunity for me to join today's top social media creatives and industry's leader in fashion and beauty in the Philippines in a night of glitz, glamour, dancing, style and music. 

Upon entering the City of Dreams' Ballroom area, all the invitees were greeted with the E! and Clozette ushers/usherettes followed by a long red carpet, photographers taking our photos and the iconic E!'s 360 camera to showcase our dresses, make up and everything else. 

We were entitled to bring a plus one to the event so I brought my boyfriend Bon along with me. Thank you so much my love for taking all my photos, carrying my loot bags and holding my skirt's train. You're the best! <3

The event was hosted by the beautiful Ms. Nicole Andersson who started the evening by giving us the gist on what's in store for us that evening, followed by a scrumptious four course meal brought to us by City of Dreams (with unlimited refreshments from C2while being serenaded by the the talented Ms. Reese Lansangan.


After that satisfying meal, we were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of the gorgeous Ms. Sarah Meier who shared her wonderful and fun experiences about the fashion industry which was really helpful to all of us. After that talk was the awarding for this year's top media influencers. Its so nice to see the people whom I look up to in this industry take the stage and claim their well deserved awards. Congratulations, you guys! <3

The night ended with sick beats from Chaos' DJ and a free door charge to Chaos as well! What a super duper night, right? (Bon and I opted not to go to Chaos though. I was such a tita after the ball. Lol)

Dressing up, seeing and socializing with people I look up to in this industry and dancing the night away with them in a night like this was an ultimate dream come true for me. I'm already looking forward to attending next year's E! Bloggers Ball.

Once again, thank you Clozette and E! for the invite. <3

Scroll below and see more photos of me and the event. Enjoy! 

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