10 Random Things And People That I'm Thankful For This 2016 (Second Quarter)

October 16, 2016

I have always liked the word "Thank you." Its always a good thing to say how much you appreciate the simplest things in life. No matter how big or small, I believe that it deserves even just a simple appreciation. Which led me to writing this post because I have a lot to be thankful for. I know its a little late for the second quarter but here's my second batch of thank yous for this year <3

A work promotion.

 The thing that keeps me busy these days is my work promotion. I am now an SME (Subject Matter Expert) of our account. *YAAAAAY* I get to coach and help those who need extra boost at work. I have a great set of teammates and a super fun TL which makes work fun too!

*insert Kriz and Ziela*

Workmates that turned into my mom's adopted kids.
My closest work friends have recently been my self proclaimed siblings now. *lol* Yes, they are! We have been constantly going out to places, food tripping and ransacking each other's closets (well, mostly mine) to de-stress ourselves whenever we need that breathe of fresh air from the craziness at work.

It has been a year that Le Blanc was launched in the blog-sphere!

Its been a year since my blog launched as "Le Blanc" and I couldn't be happier with the products I reviewed, feelings I've written and experiences that I've shared. 2015-2016 have been a crazy for me but I'm glad that my readers, friends and family on their continued to support me in my blogging career. So from the bottom of my heart... Thank you so much you guys!

A box full of beauty products from Althea Korea.

Althea Korea is  an online store that offers a wide array of authentic K-beauty products that is . They sent me a box full of sponsored make up amounting to 1500 pesos. I got a 4D mascara (Missha), Skin Primer (Alizavecca), Soft Blending Stick Blusher (Missha), Rosy Tint Lip (Etude House)and Selfie Perfect Eyebrow (Witch's Pouch). These products have been a staple on my make up kit ever since I got them and has never failed to give me an au-natural look. I cannot wait to do some more shopping from them!

A super supportive parent and brother who believes in all my capabilities.

Its not a secret that my mom and Blaine are my best friends. Last year was a very challenging year in my life and I almost lost all my confidence. Mom always believed that 2016 will be a start of something better for me. A year where in people will take notice of me being my own self and my talents too. Thank you for always being my number 1 fan, mommy. Thank you for always protecting me, Blaine. I love you!

Being invited to an event together with the people that I admire in the blogging industry.

Clozette, the Official Fashion Network, invited me to join the E! Bloggers Ball last September 29. This event was a gathering of today's top social media influencers and industry leaders in the Fashion & Beauty community of the Philippines and it was such a great honor for me to be part of the invitees for this year's ball.

A little bit of time for myself to realize that I can do it on my own and that I am my own self again.

The end of last year for me was such a heartache. I had to learn to be on my own after four years and to finally accept the fact that my long term relationship failed. It was difficult at first but then I started to be myself again. I found myself that was lost trying to save something that was long gone. I know it might sound melodramatic but its true. I found the Blanche that was lost without asking for anyone's assurance. I am finally me again, I am free.

Old and new organic beauty brands that are still entrusting me with their brand.

I had to sort out a lot of feelings and issues within my self (aside from my laptop being broken) that I had to take an indefinite hiatus in the middle of the year. I had to make sure that when I come back, I'll be able to blog unbiased personal blogs and better beauty reviews just for my readers. It feels good that when I came back, the beauty brands that have entrusted me with there brands are still there to welcome me and even had more brands to show their love for me and my blog. And for that... I am more than thankful.

A relationship where in I am genuinely happy.

Last August 1st was the day that I said yes to Bon. I must say that I haven't been this happy in a while. I have a person who tolerates my "Disney Princess" self, accepted my trust issues and loves me just the way that I am. Bon and I met in such a strange time in our lives but I am glad that he waited for me until I was ready to trust again. Thank you, Bon. Thank you for making sure that I don't ever have to settle for less than what I deserve. Having butterflies in my tummy is such an understatement for all the "kilig" that I have in me... its more of a zoo of wonderful emotions. I wouldn't ask for anything else. <3

A self realization that I am enough.

I have been in a toxic relationship that made me question my self worth, whether I am ever good enough for people or the things that I wanted to achieve. Then I realized, all these list of things that I am thankful for must be enough for me to realize that I am worth so much more than a single person thinks of me or how he made me feel.

You? What are you most thankful for? I want to hear all about it! You can leave your comments below <3


  1. ๐Ÿ’ž we don't know each other personally but I witnessed one of the lowest points in your life and I'm glad it's over. I'm more than happy to see you become a better person, a happier one. You deserve to be happy and be loved. ๐Ÿ’ž

    1. Thank you, Hazel! I appreciate those kind words <3

  2. I am thankful for having a loving family and greatful for all the blessings I received๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡ Ang Ganda po basahin ng blog nyo po... Lalo na about sa family๐Ÿ˜‡