Unboxing The Althea Good Day Hairbox

January 16, 2017

I've recently been sharing my obsession about Althea Korea. There was nothing from their haul that I didn't love. That's why I am more than happy to be one of the bloggers representing them because I get to receive, review and introduce new products to my readers and followers from their wonderful line of K-beauty brands.

So with that, I'd like to introduce to you their new sold out Althea Beauty Boxes! 

What's Althea Beauty Boxes? 

They're curated specially by the Althea Korean Team back in Seoul. Each month, Althea will release 3 beauty boxes for fans to try. They're limited edition and limited in stock, which makes them a "sold out" item on Althea. The prices are a steal as all items found in the beauty boxes are full size items. 

I've previously received boxes from Althea but those are products that I've picked for myself. But these Althea Beauty Boxes are different... Since I've always been used to picking stuff for myself, these boxes are exciting because they have been hand picked by Althea Fairies for us back in Seoul. Exciting, right?

Anyway... Here's my unboxing Beauty Review for the Athea: Good Day Hairbox. <3

What's inside?

Green Tea Min Shampoo

This has got to be my favorite product from the box. Aside from its super good mint green tea smell that reminds me of the Elizabeth Arden perfume, I noticed how it made my hair softer, bouncier and easier to manage after using it for over a week. I will absolutely buy this product again and might be my staple shampoo from now on.  

Raspberry Hair Vinegar

Disclaimer: This product is often sold out. (Yup! Its that in demand.)

My hair has been a bit dry because of the chemicals used for coloring my hair so this Hair Vinegar is perfect repairing the damage. The scent of berries makes this product so fun to use too! I sprinkle small amounts of the product directly on my scalp, massage it for about 5-10 minutes and I just enjoy it's soothing scent. I use this product when my my hair needs a bit of a treatment. I'll  surely buy another bottle once mine runs out.

Perfumegraphy Leave On Treament

I use this leave on treatment specially when I am on the go. At most times, I have no time to dry my hair and I use this perfume smelling product to make sure that my hair remains presentable and untangled even when I let it down and don't tie it. It gives added volume to my hair that's just perfect!

Ggongji Hair Pack

The photo instructions of how to use this product was taken from the Althea website. I am really intrigued on how this product works. I mean, I haven't tried it yet since I've been very busy lately (It says that it could take up to 3 hours depending on hair condition so I need time lol) but I'll definitely update you guys once I do use it.

Home Care Alopecia Prevention Product

I think that my hair is still in an "okay" condition so I decided to give this to my mom and it worked well for her. My mom's hair is thin so it was perfect for her to use. As early as 1 week, we've already seen a difference. Her hair got a bit thicker. So that's a good sign.

Biotin Hair Oil
(Hello Everybody)

I bring this product everywhere. It works just like the Perfumegraphy Leave On Treament but I prefer to bring this along with me since the bottle is smaller and has an easy pump that is good for after-long-day touch ups. This product keeps my hair shiny even after a long day.

Bonus points:  It has a super cute and simple packaging which I love. <3

Senseful Lady Hair Mist - Sensual Mask

Our country's weather changes from fair to humid during this time of the year that's why my hair gets frizzy at times. This product is perfect for just that. Even when my hair is exposed to the smell of the commuting and pollution, this product makes sure that it smells good even after a long day. It should be a staple in every girl's make up bag.

What do you think about this box and products? Are you going to get your own? Let me know in the comment section below. <3

**The stuff I got from the haul are sponsored but all of what's written in this post are solely my opinion. 


  1. Super lyk q Po tlaga ung mga Althea products😍😍 i want to try the rire scalp scaling And the biotin hair oil...😍😍😍

  2. Really want to try the Hair Vinegar but (you're right) it's always SOLD OUT!!! :((( ahhaha

    From Manila with Love Blog

    1. That's true!!!! I was glad that it was in the hair box or else I'll never get one since its always sold out. Hahaha!