Beauty Care Essentials x Quera Pro Smooth Complex Therapy and Quera Pro Power Fix

May 22, 2017

I've had the shortest hair for the past 2-4 years so believe me when I say that I quite forgot how to manage this long hair that I currently have. I'm used to my wash and wear short hair so you can only imagine how crazy my hair looked like on some days. 

If have have read my previous blog posts, you'd see that I've also reviewed some hair products made both locally and internationally. I got really excited with these products from Beauty Care Essentials because its the first time that I'll be reviewing a Philippine-made hair conditioner and serum power duo. 
Beauty Care Essentials aims to deliver vital products that offers the best beauty and care that is suitable for everyone's needs. It comes with the promise that every creation made from their company have underwent careful and critical testing, making sure that it will leave best results for every blissful hair with their customer wanting more

The BCE family sent me two of their best seller power duo; Quera Pro Smooth Complex Therapy and Quera Pro Power Fix to try. Here are my thoughts about my current favorite hair care genies. ;)

 Quera Pro Smooth Complex Therapy
Selling Price: 330 pesos
Quera Pro Smooth Complex Therapy is a different type of hair conditioning treatment that you can use daily in the shower. The smooth texture conditioning formula when applied to hair, instantly penetrates to hair shaft for long lasting smoothness. 
Use this product more often to help restore the abused hair strands cause by harsh chemicals and heat damage. 

My Thoughts:
  • The packaging is one of the nicest ones I've ever seen in a while. Aside from the cute labels of the package, the product comes in easy pump bottles that makes it easier for me to get the right portions for my long hair.
  • I apply this conditioner after I have rinsed my shampoo, use 4-5 pumps for my long hair and let the conditioning therapy formula to penetrate well on my hair shaft to get the best effect.  
  • My hair looked so soft and healthy after continued use. I swear by it! 
  • I have colored my hair countless times but this product makes my hair color look natural since it treated the dryness and friziness of my hair from roots to tip. 
  • I'll surely trade my old conditioner for this. Its like an instant hair tamer for my hair that's why I absolutely love it!
Will I buy it again?

When mine runs out, I'll make sure to buy one and use it at my staple conditioner. That's no joke! <3

Quera Pro Power Fix
Selling Price: 370 pesos
Quera Pro Power Fix is a unique type of "weightless" premium serum in the market that is suitable for all kinds of hair type from straight, curly, kinky and more! 
Its not just an ordinary serum that helps remove frizz but also promises to restore damaged hair folicle that we got from harsh chemicals from hair color and straightening treatments. The combination pf moisturizing elements and hydrolized keratin coats the hair shaft and tames down the unwanted dryness and split ends. 

My Thoughts:
  • This Keratin solution comes in a small travel sized bottle that is perfect for on the go girls like me who'd love to go retouch in the middle of the day.
  • It doesn't have any oily or greasy feeling when applied to my hair. 
  • I spread 2-3 drops of this formula on my palm and comb it through my fingers to make sure that it will provide me with the best-salon-hair-treatment for my hair.
  • Its like a instant hair spa treatment for my hair without having to take a trip to the salon. 
  • Its very convenient and easy to use considering that it works for any hair type.
Will I buy it again?

I definitely will! This product proved me that hair treatment doesn't entail me going to a trip to the salon, that hair salon treatment is right in this bottle. <3

Are you ready to try these hair care products? Comment your thoughts on the comment section below. <3

Make Up: Rucys Vanity 
Photographed by: Sunny Castro

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying the products.

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