Wagtales: Let's Get Spawty App Launch

May 10, 2017

"With a great dog comes great responsibility." ~ 

These are the words I keep in mind whenever I start my day and I see my pupper, Bleu. Yes, having a puppy to cuddle and dress up is great but also, its good to remind ourselves that they come with a big responsibility too. That's why its so timely that I was invited to the launch of an app that provides Bleu with nothing but the best. Shake those bottoms and say hello to Wagtales!

Wagtales is an app created by Jinri Park (with the help of Leentech Systems) as a passion project to create a local community of dog lovers and dog owners alike. The app wants to make sure that we are able to happily satisfy the needs of our furry babies on just one click. 

How can I find a play buddy that suits my dog's personality?
Where can I find the best vet, groomers and store for my pup? 
What events can my doge attend?
What do I need to do to adopt instead of shop for a new doggo?

These are only SOME of the questions that Wagtales can answer.

I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers to be invited to the Wagtales Happy Dog Tails: Let's Get Spawty app launch and of course, I was able to bring my pupper with me. 

Upon entering the doors of One Espalanade, the ambiance gave me instant good vibes to see a room full of dog loving people with their dogs having the time of their lives. I saw some dogs and puppies running around, most of them playing with their new found furr-iends and others getting munchies at the doggie buffet. I felt like I was in puppy heaven!

This is Bleu enjoying his puppycake courtesy of Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Bark-ery 

What's so much fun about in this event is that they made it in such a way that the dogs and dog owners alike are going to have the best time. I know I did! <3

The decorations were on point with the theme, cute-sy Wagtales statement shirts were provided as giveaways for everyone, a large buffet table for us furr-rents was set up, doggie booths were open, a Serenitea booth to supply us attendees with yummy milk tea, a doggo play pen with toys is open, fun games, raffles and photo booths to have our pictures taken as souvenirs for the wondrous event. 

With the Wagtales CEO, Jinri Park
DJ Rico Robles who hosted the event said, "Bring Me: The smallest dog here" Well, I came up and knew that for sure, it was Bleu. Hehe. We won a big bottle of shampoo courtesy of Fur Magic
The program started with an introduction of what the app was about. It was a short but interactive introduction which I enjoyed very much. Aside from the app containing places for pet services and how to's,  I remember the speaker saying "It can also act like a tinder for dogs where in you'll be able to find a playbud for him/her." Cool right? 

There were also talks from Lestre Zapanta (The Pinoy Dog Whisperer) who taught us tricks on doggie behaviors, PAWS and CARA shared tips on taking care of our furry babies and ways on how we can adopt a rescue dog in the future. And of course, the ever so gigil~ Paws-shion show. 

Jinri was so friendly to everyone! She was more than game for people to take photos with her and even gave us some tips on which booths to go to first. <3 
As a furr-ent, I didn't let the opportunity pass without my shy Bleu, meeting some new friends too. Say hello to Jinri, Dra. from Ask A Vet and Danna. <3 

There was also huge raffle for dog strollers and puppy beds courtesy of Furmoms and Bowhouse. 

The fun app launch concluded with a heartfelt speech from the CEO, Jinri Park. I remembered her being so emotional in letting us know the reason why she started this app was when her dog died late last year. She started questioning herself if her dog died happy. Personally, I was moved with how honest and humble she was sharing her passion project and advocacy with everyone. <3

Congratulations to the whole team of Wagtales for creating a community of dog lovers and owners! It was such a successful app launch and I know that this advocacy and community will go places because of its genuine take of helping people like us ensure our dog/s happiness. I am honored to be one of the people who are able to attend this fun event! <3

Join us and get your FREE Wagtales app on your iOS and Andriod phones by typing "Wagtales" on Play Store or App Store! :)

Have you downloaded the app yet? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! <3

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