It's Le Blanc 2nd Blognivesary Giveaway!

June 11, 2017

Hello, Bbs! 

I can't believe that from a blog called "Word Babble Balloon" where I used to post all my personal feelings and relationships to finally my own domain as "Le Blanc" where I share my semi-filtered thoughts, beauty reviews and relationship that you're still here.

Yes, you! 

As a way of saying thank you to all of my readers and followers who have been with me on a roller coaster journey in the blog-sphere for the past two years, I'm holding my biggest giveaway to date! ;)

I've partnered with of some of my personal favorite beauty stores, a one stop styling subscription box and a new restaurant in Marikina where 3 readers can hang out with me to a food tasting. Now, who's excited? <3

Mechanics for Le Blanc 2nd Blogniversary Giveway: 

1. Follow me on instagram @blanchecarpio and follow my wonderful 2nd Blognivesary Giveaway sponsors @beautycareessentials@bano.english, @lipzdiva@Style K and 

2. Like and share the official Le Blanc 2nd Blogniversary photo on your instagram with the hashtags #LeBlancniversary #GiveawayPH and the caption "It's @blanchecarpio's 2nd Blognivesary Giveaway!"

3. Comment DONE on my instagram giveaway photo and tag 3 friends on the post.


Like my facebook page Le Blanc, also my twitter@BlancheCarpio and share the link to my blog to triple your entries. 


1. Open to all Philippine residents only.
2. Multiple entries are allowed as long as different friends are tagged on the comment section of my photo. 
3. I will be picking 3 winners who will get one beauty lootbag each containing all the beauty gifts from the sponsors mentioned above and 1 winner for the Stylegenie Box. The winners will also get a chance to have lunch/dinner with me at a new restaurant in Marikina for free. 

4. In the event that the winner/s cannot attend the lunch/dinner since he/she lives outside of Manila, they will still be given a beauty consolation prize but the original beauty loot bag will be raffled to another winner. 
5. If you live outside of Metro Manila, don't fret! My Stylegenie Giveaway will be perfect for you! (Mechanics will be posted on instagram.)
7. Failure to comply in all the mechanics will result to forfeiture. 
8. Winners will be announced on July 7, 2017.


  1. Yay!!! I will join. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Happy 2nd Blogniversary!!
    excited po ako sa food tasting😍
    Followed all your sponsors .
    Instagram: @jenny_erpelo
    Facebook: @craziedose
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  3. Happy 2nd Blogniversary ate blanche! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸŽ‰ Can't believe 1 year na pala nakalipas at 1 yr mo na din akong follower and super dami ding memories kasi yung 1st Blogniversary giveaway mo yung unang una kung sinalihan na giveaway nakakatempt kasi yung prizes tapos ayun din una kong panalo. haha πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I'm super happy kasi doon na din nagstart na kahiligan ko yung mga natural and organic skincare. Hihi Loveyou ate. πŸ’— Cheeeeers for 2yrs and many moreeee years to come. πŸŽ‰ Godbless!

    FB: Jacqueline Piel
    Twitter: @jacquelineleip
    IG: @jacquelineleip

    1. AWWWWWW. That's such a sweet thing to say! Thank so much for supporting me and local organic skincare products. Love you too! <3

  4. Joined sis.
    Fb: Jennifer Duran Timonel
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  5. JOINED! <3
    Fb: Liezel Prima Papa
    IG: @tiffanyliezel020
    Twitter: @tiffanyliezel20

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  7. Happy 2nd Blognivesary Giveaway!" <3 More blogs/blogniversaries, More followers, More blessings to ocme,Ms.Leblanc! <3

  8. Happy 2nd Blognivesary!

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  9. Joined!
    Happy 2nd Blognivesary! More and more blogniversary to come.

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  10. Happy 2nd Blogniversary! Goodluck and more followers to come. ����
    Fb: Leezah A. Parafina
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  11. Happy 2nd Blogniversary ate! :) Nang makita kong marikina na excite ako kase pwede kita puntahan para makita at mag pa picture :D

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  12. Happy 2nd Blogniversary!!! more power!!

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  13. Yay! Happy 2nd Blogniversary! Thank you for always sharing blessings and May you always be blessed. More power to blog....
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  14. Happy 2nd Anniversary to your blog! I just started mine recently and I hope I could reach the same milestone you did. Congratulations! <3

    IG: @jelovelyse32
    FB: Lovely Benzal
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  15. Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway! I'm sending lots of virtual kisses and hugs to everyone <3