365th Day Celebration at Estancia Tagaytay

August 6, 2017

When being asked "Where is your dream destination as a couple?" we'd always say "Santorini!" with so much excitement. The scenic view of the blue and white houses together with the clear waters from photos made it our dream place. Due to priorities and years worth of savings for a hefty budget in traveling to Greece, we decided to put that plan on hold when we're ready. 

As Bon and I were scrolling through the internet for places to visit in time for our first year anniversary together, Estancia Resort and Hotel reached out to us and asked us if we wanted to celebrate our 365th day with them so that we can also enjoy their Little Santorini away from the pollution of the city. How timely, right?

We headed to Tagaytay that weekend since we had work on the actual day of our anniversary. We were not expecting anything from that trip since we thought that giving us a treat for our anniversary in a Santorini themed resort and hotel was already more than enough for us but hey, they gave us the best hospitality and care than we could ever imagine. *heart eyes*

We were greeted by the hotel administrator Ms. Marife, who provided us with the details of our overnight accommodation. We were so excited when we found out that we'll be spending the night at their Executive Suite overlooking the Taal Volcano!

 As if things couldn't get any better, she said that we could just call in and ask to be transported by the golf cart whenever we'd like to go around the place. You want to know the best thing? They do this for every guest they have in their hotel. That's an A+ for me!

Aside from our room being huge (with a beautiful view of the outside) and the rain being unpredictable too, we decided to spend the day indoors while watching random shows with our comfy socks on. And of course it wouldn't be complete without yummy food just in time for lunch. We called room service and decided to try their cool take on the classic sinigang which was Sizzling Sinigang with Calamansi Sauce. No words came out after eating other than ~It.Was.So.Good~

After lounging in for a few hours, we were reminded that we had free dinner waiting for us in their local restaurant. "Free food" enticed us that we dressed up, got ready for dinner and dragged ourselves out of our room to try Benedetto's Restaurant which was their hotel restaurant located at the lobby. 

I was in awe of how the lobby and restaurant looked. The interiors looked so home-y with beautifully picked out blue and white furniture. Its as if we were in the comfort of my own home, while eating sumptuous dinner, with super friendly staff happily assisting us with everything that we might need. 

We got the Pumpkin Soup, Fillet Mignon and Hickory Pork Barbecue that filled our tummies the whole night. It was such a freakin good dinner, I swear!

After dinner, we watched some more cable tv until we fell asleep. We decided that we'll be waking up early the following morning to go around and enjoy the view of the whole place. We woke up around 7 in the morning, Bon had fever and the rain was still unpredictable... But nonetheless, we were determined to go around and finally walk around Little Santorini

The morning agenda was that we shall see the view of the place, grab some breakfast in Benedetto's, look around the resort and take lots of photos. Yes, the rain didn't stop us from doing just that! <3

Right after our big breakfast, we strolled around with Hotel Manager who she showed us the rest of the place. Bon and I were so surprised with how large the place was. Why? From the outside, the hotel looked rather small but when you finally settle in, you'll see that the place had several function rooms for different events, tons of choices for accommodation and the part that amazed us was everything was well maintained, it's as if we were really in a Little Santorini

Bon and I had so much fun celebrating our fist year anniversary in such a beautiful place like Estancia Tagaytay! Despite the rainy season, we were able to have the perfect staycation by enjoying what the place had to offer. We can't even imagine staying at any other hotel when we go to Tagaytay other than Estancia. <3 

Have you ever been to Estancia Tagaytay? Share your stories at the comment section below. :)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored accommodation by Estancia Tagaytay but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after staying overnight at their hotel. 

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  1. belated Happy first anniversary! :)
    Estancia looks really nice and the view is breathtaking. <3 I would love to try a staycation in Estancia to chill and relax.

    Wannderzel by Hazel Asoy