Color Wand x GT Cosmetics

November 15, 2017

I think its safe to say that I never leave the house without make up on. I love the extra boost of confidence that it brings especially when I nailed the look that I wanted for that day. It's amazing  how a touch of color can change an aura to a hundred different ones. 

If there are two things that I consider the most when changing up a look; might it from day to night or because of running from different events booked on the same day, is that they should be considering two of these best kept secrets that I learned through out the years. 

First, your face powder should have enough SPF to protect your face and should be strong enough to keep all your make up intact. Second, you should have a couple of moisturizing lippies stacked for your pegged looks so that you won't have to worry about chapping your lips too much. 

The reason why I got super excited when I opened this particular package is because it contained the essentials. YAAAASSSSSS! GT Cosmetics sent me all the colors of their Color Wand collection as well as their Superior Cover Pressed Powder!

Shall we try the Color Wands first? <3 
Sunset Greece

Kiss In Paris

NYC Rush

London Royale

Seoul & Heart

Kyoto Cherry Blossom
Selling Price: 285 php (3.5 g)

Highly-pigmented formula provides full color coverage; leaves lips with a vibrant, velvety finish; moisturizes lips with a rich, balmy texture; easy-to-use stick lets you achieve a perfectly drawn pout.

My Thoughts:

  • These Color Wands are especially formulated to be highly pigmented without sacrificing the fact that it also moisturizes and nourishes the lips. 
  • After using these Color Wands, I never looked the same way about lip balms again. I could't believe that balms can give so much color and plump-ness too. 
  • There was no problem for me to change up the colors because it has a soft and creamy texture making it easier to glide on the lips. 
  • It is long lasting that it took me from 7AM until 11AM until I needed to have it re-touched.
  • There is a certain gloss to it (since it has moisturizing ingredients) but there's nothing a pat of powder couldn't fix if you want to "matte-fy" it a bit. 
  • The best part about it is that it plumps my lips a little bit more which is a double plus for me because who wouldn't want to highlight their asset right? *lol* 
  • These babies can definitely be a dupe for the Clinique Chubby Sticks. It gives the same moisture and pigmentation without having to pay for much! 

Will I buy it again?

Of course! Not only that it keeps my lips healthy and moisturized, it also doesn't come with a hefty price tag. Who wouldn't want that, right?

If you wanted to get your hands on these babies, all you have to do is click this link to get the complete list of beauty stores that has these gems. Quickest way to but it online you ask? Well, Beauty MNL has you covered for all that GT Cosmetics has to offer. You can also follow their instagram account to get the latest updates and products that they'll be launching soon! <3

I know, I know. You're definitely wondering why there's no review for the Superior Cover Pressed Powder yet. Well, that would be another post from me to look forward too! Hehe <3

Powder: Superior Cover Pressed Powder (GT Cosmetics)
Lipstick: Color Wand (GT Cosmetics)
Photographed by: Sunny Castro

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying the Color Wands and Superior Cover Pressed Powders from GT Cosmetics.

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