Althea Bare Essentials: 3 Step Skin Care

May 7, 2018

"A great make up look comes with following a great skin care routine." -- is something I would say to myself to make sure that I stick to my beauty regimen and not sleep on a face full of make up.

If we are being more honest, I'm sure most of us can't keep up with the "10-step-korean-skincare-routine" as much as we'd like because we'd love nothing more than to catch more sleep than focus on our skin care.

As I've mentioned a couple of times in my previous blog posts, a solid skin care routine is still something that I am yet to figure out. Yes, I love trying out organic skin care products but I can't seem to find the perfect fit that I can consistently call "my-everyday-skin-regimen."  I'm thinking maybe because I'm scared of combining different brands together that "might" not work out for my skin type. ~crazy trust issues~

That's why I got excited my favorite K-Beauty brand, Althea Korea, has released their own line that focuses on the fundamentals of skincare with the use of not 10, not 5 but 3 products!

Althea Bare Essentials
Selling Price: 1323 php (per set)

Great makeup starts from great skin - minimize your base make-up with Althea Bare Essentials! With nourishing ingredients and easy execution, this 3-product regime breaks down and simplifies the K-beauty routine for the urban woman.

Step 1: Contour Cleanser 

A rich foaming cleanser that has micro capsules which exfoliates the skin to remove most of the dead skin cells left by our harsh make up residue. (It has that cool feeling afterwards too!) Not only that it has lemon myrtle extracts which cleansed and tightened my clogged pores, it also has ice plants that helped reduce the redness of the skin while improving blood circulation giving my face that sought after "slimmer" and contoured shape. 

Step 2: Primer Water

One thing that confused me about this product is that it's formula isn't water-y at all! It has a silky balm texture that I was not expecting to come from a toner. It came as a surprise for me because with just a pea sized amount of product put on a cotton pad evenly patted on my face, the serum like toner hydrated my skin making it rejuvenated in more ways than one. 

Maybe the only con of this product for me is that it kind of gives an"extra oiliness" due to the summer weather here in the Philippines making it a bit humid on the face if you're going to use it before a long day. I highly suggest to use this product before going to bed instead to have your skin prepped and ready for all that make up the next day. ~lol~

Step 3: Fixer Cream
If you think that the Primer Water has done enough moisturizing for you then you're wrong. This Fixer Cream has got to be my most favorite product among the three. Aside from the fact that it healed and hydrated the driest parts of my face (brought by the unexpected weather changes here in the Philippines) this little jar of magic has wild tea tree extracts that kept my face fresh and moisturized all day long. Best part? It is hypoallergenic making this baby suitable for all skin types! 

Might it be that you're a hustler beauty enthusiast in search for new stuff to try or a newbie trying to look for a beauty regimen that works for you, Althea Beauty Essentials  might just be the simple perfection that you need. I know I do. <3

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The products were sent to me for free in exchange of a beauty review but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying the products.

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