Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist by Titi Kamal x Althea

January 11, 2019

I've always loved K-Beauty products for they exert an extra effort in making each and every product smell good. I know that this might not matter to others because as long as it does the job, the scent shouldn't matter as much - but it does to me. ~lol~ 

I got really excited when Althea has finally teamed up with one of the top Indonesia superstars Titi Kamal to create a scent for us to enjoy. 

Let me tell you something about Titi Kamal - the Indonesian actress/singer who has collaborated with Althea to give us a fresh and elegant daily mist before we move on to the beauty review. (Titi reminds me of the actress/singer Anne Curtis Smith from the Philippines too.)

An Indonesian actress and singer with a knack for fashion and style. Best identified by her luxuriously long black hair, she's a beauty icon that's captured the hearts of fans all across Southeast Asia. 

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist
Selling Price: 450 php

Not overbearingly strong, this gentle perfume lingers on the body for a long-lasting scent. It also has a non-sticky formula that feels comfortable on the skin, and it embodies the elegance and beauty of Titi in a bottle, perfect for the urban femme. 

My Thoughts: 
  • It has the right balance of peach, sweet orange and hints of rosy floral notes that work really well in bringing that fresh scent that we can use everyday. 
  • I put a generous spritz all over my body to test if it will last me the whole day and it actually did. I was kind of skeptic about the lasting power of the scent but it proved me wrong. I was feeling luxurious and fresh throughout the day. 
  • When I first read that it was mix of rosey-fruity-scents, I immediately had the impression that it might be a bit sticky on the body but it was definitely not! The scent is just lightweight and not overbearing which I love. 
  • The bottle is just the right size making it the perfect staple mist that you can bring in your bag or purse all the time. 
Will I buy it again?

The price of the product is such a steal! I am not sure if I'm going to buy another one anytime soon since I have other bottled scents that I haven't finished yet. I like to alternate perfumes/mists once in a while but once this one runs out, why not? ;)

That's it for the Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist by Titi Kamal x Althea. <3 Let me give you a hint of what's next. *wink wink*

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The products were sent to me as a part of the Althea Angels community in exchange of a beauty review but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying the products.

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