5 Filipina Actresses Who Are Beautiful Inside and Out

April 25, 2019

It's easy to write off actresses as nothing more than pretty faces, but you'd be surprised how many use their platform for good. While the job comes with a lot of fame, not least being fame and money, there are many actresses who are always ready to give back. Here's a short list of Filipina actresses and celebrities who use their platforms and influence to make the lives of other people better.
Karylle is perhaps best known for her work as a singer and host on It's Showtime!, but her sweetness doesn't stop at her voice. She's been a longtime advocate and supporter of the Center for Health Improvement and Life Development Haus, or CHILD Haus. CHILD Haus is a charitable organization that focuses on giving dignity and care to children living with cancer. Karylle has celebrated many birthdays and Christmases at the center, and regularly sponsors the children's activities and excursions.

Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis has been one of the Philippine entertainment industry's top names for almost a decade now, but acting and performing isn't the only area where she shines. This actress and singer has been an advocate for children's rights for UNICEF since 2014, and has consistently boosted and supported the organizations' programs. Besides her work with UNICEF, she also launched The Dream Machine in 2017, an organization that helps people achieve their dreams.

Heaven Peralejo
BNY endorser Heaven Peralejo started off her career with an act of selflessness. Her stint in the Pinoy Big Brother household was well-known not just because of her good looks and bubbly charm, but because of the weight she was carrying behind everything. At the time, Heaven's mother was suffering from cancer, and eventually the young star had to say goodbye to Big Brother's house in order to care for her mother. Fast-forward a few years, and Heaven's mother is happily in remission, and Heaven herself has a burgeoning career as an actress. Despite her new fame, however, that selflessness continues, and she recently surprised children at the Bantay Bata household with a charity performance.

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin is famous for being headstrong and outspoken, and she doesn't take things lying down. The actress has been known to speak her mind when she believes strongly in a cause or idea, such as when she butted heads with co-host Robin Padilla on Pilipinas Got Talent. The issue at the time had been the objectification of some contestants on the show, and Angel made sure not to let it go without making a statement. Angel has long worked with advocacy organizations such as women's org Gabriela, as well as the Philippine Red Cross. She's also mobilized during relief operations for typhoon victims, the Marawi siege, and donates blood regularly.

Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera has one of the most iconic smiles in the country, but she definitely doesn't lie on her laurels. The superstar actress is a celebrity advocate for charitable organization The Smile Train Philippines, which offers free reconstructive surgery for children with cleft lips and palates. Marian has been a Smile Ambassador for the organization since 2014, and regularly posts in support using her hashtag and online campaign #YanAngSmile.

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