A Taste of Korea: Premier The Samgyupsal

August 19, 2019

I've been a big fan of Korean BBQ ever since college when a friend of mine brought me to my very first Korean BBQ experience it Taft. This was back when you wouldn't need to line up for hours just to sink into your K-BBQ cravings because aside from the fact that it wasn't as hyped back then, only a few people knew that for only 500 pesos you'll able to eat these sumptuous food until you've eaten to your heart's content.  

Since I'm well acquainted with the said food, I have a staple KBBQ restaurant which I always go to whenever I need my samgyupsal fix. Believe me when I say that it took a lot for me to even try a new Korean BBQ joint because I've always been stuck to the idea that where I go to is the best until I tried the same quality of food and dining at Premier The Samgyupsal in San Juan. 

Premier the Samgypsal claims to serve fresh, tender and high quality imported meats perfect for their charcoal and butane powered grill. Aside from their aged samgyupsal, they also have USDA Certified imported beef and marinated meats that is sure to satisfy our tummies.

They asked us to try the Unli Mix of Beef, Chicken and Pork priced at 580 php so let's break it down, shall we?
There are 10 side dishes served to us before the meats were brought out. These were a mix of vegetables, steamed egg, beef soup and meat appetizers which is actually a bit overwhelming since we're so used to seeing just 5 side dishes at the most. But you know what they say right? The more the merrier!

We were then greeted with different kinds and cuts of premium beef, pork and even chicken. I was so amazed when they told me that there were also chicken cuts available to grill because in other KBBQ restaurants all I see on the menu are either beef or pork slices. It's great to actually have a "healthier" choice too!

Have a peak on their menu:
What make this place different from others?
We know how much of a struggle it is to call a waiter to refill our sides or meat on the grill since places like these are always jam packed. So one of the things that I love most about this place is that each table has a built in buzzer to call the attention of our very quick kuyas and ates. Once you press your buzzer, the number of your table will appear on each floor's LED screen making it easy and organized for everyone. 
That does not end there! 

We know that it is usual for KBBQ restaurants to have their staple fresh soju and a limited kinds of drinks that's why most of us just opt to drink water but Premier the Samgyupsal wants to make sure that they have us covered. They noticed how much people were looking for different types of drinks and beverages that they decided to add new ones on their menu as new suggestions came along, as well as added variants of Korean ice cream that all of us can enjoy during and after eating. 

Note: Drinks and Korean Ice Cream are not included on the list of what's unlimited for 500 php, okay?  ~lol~

Overall Rating from 1 to 5:  


Premier The Samgyupsal  is open Mondays to Sundays from 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM. You can visit their Wilson branch where I went to at 229 Wilson St. Greenhills San Juan Manila. 

Let me know if you're craving as much as I am for some samgyupsal. Have you tried other Premier The Samgyupsal branches too? Let me know in the comment section below. <3

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was asked to try their food and drinks just like how I would typically enjoy my food in the said restaurant in exchange for a review. However, all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying what they have to offer in the said restaurant. The food shown on the table where I was eating where good for 4 people. 

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