Love Your Skin and #BloomWithDuru

October 24, 2020

Everything has changed in front of our eyes and while it has been been definitely hard to keep up with the "new normal", we must accept that this is our reality now and things will take time before they return to the way they were... Attending events, running errands or hanging out in a coffee shop with friends until the wee hours of the night would be nearly impossible as there are too many things to consider and of course, mental and physical health being our top priority. 

If you're like me who's into making sure that she's fully made up whatever the day may be before the pandemic started, I'm sure it's been a real bummer to break your routines. As for me, that's starting the day with skin care, self care and make up. 

I can't speak for everyone but since I started working from home, I had a hard time keeping up with any of my self-care routines as it is more difficult for me to draw the line between working and having time for myself, until I found out that caring for my skin or myself for that matter would only take an all-in-one, inexpensive product and that is Duru

The most important tip I can give you is to get the right product and a consistent routine to achieved the preferred results. It's the perfect time to let our beauty bloom and achieve our healthiest glowing skin with Duru's naturally made organic face and body soap. 

Duru comes in two variants: Blooming White, a green translucent soap which contains glycerin and Italian olive oils that help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, and olive leaves which are natural exfoliants that turn dull skin into blooming skin, and White Brilliance which contains the innovative power of lemon and Italian olive oils combined with Vitamins A, C, and E for superior whitening and moisturizing.

As a proud morena, I have always shied away from whitening soaps and have been very outspoken about maintaining my skin's natural color, so let me tell you what Duru's effects are on my morena skin: 

Blooming White - has really helped me moisturize, rejuvenate and exfoliate dull parts of my skin 
White Brilliance - moisturized and evened out some of my uneven skin tone

Be the person you've always wanted to be and let your best self shine through. Let's all flourish and #BloomWithDuru.

Duru Blooming White and White Brilliance whitening and beauty soap are available at your nearest drugstores and supermarkets and online through Lazada and Shopee

Follow Duru on Instagram and Facebook at @duruphilippines.

Note: Duru soaps can be for whitening and for evening out uneven skin tones depending on use. Please visit their facebook and instagram pages to know more.

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