Relationship Conversation Questionnaire

March 22, 2017

Bon and I have been together for months now and I think that he still hasn't had a proper introduction in my blog-sphere. Lol~  On that note, we decided to put up a "Relationship Conversation Questionnaire" so that you'll get to know us as B&B. <3

Where and how did you meet?

Bon: The first time we met? She came out like a wildfire burning my way of doing my work. We're both working in the same company at that time and it was unfortunate that I need to use a regular phone due to seat shortage. She's so mean... She was laughing at me while I was minding my own business and doing my job. 
Blanche: Dude, you were so weird! Hahaha! Who does an 8 hour job with a regular phone? I remember saying "Are you a receptionist?" Then we both laughed. We started talking after that.

What's that one thing that caught your eye?

Blanche: He was such a quiet guy... A tall, white and quiet guy. Perhaps, he laughs whenever I joke about things or whenever I joke about him?
Bon: This girl caught my attention when sh walked across the office wearing that skirt and cap combo like she was about to play tennis. Lol
Blanche: HUYYYY!! I remember you telling me I was pretty across all sites! 
Bon: Really? Did I say that?
Blanche: In denial.

What's your favorite thing about each other?

Blanche: He's really sweet and malambing. (caring) He doesn't want me feeling left out or alone.
Bon: She's...  Uhmmm. This is hard.
Blanche: Wow ah!!
Bon: Jokeeee! She's a Dancer! Hahaha! Out of nowhere, she'd surprise me with her crazy dance moves. I'm such a lucky guy lol

What's one thing the other person can't stand?

Blanche: Whenever he does random kiddie tantrums!!! OMG! lol He'll go all quiet and MIA then I'll be so mad. I remember just the other day he threw  tantrum because he can't come with me to a job interview because he had work the same day.
Bon:  More like...because she did not make me come with her.
Blanche: *makes face*
Bon: She used to stress herself a lot about the little things, like I wish i could run into a Candy Shop and buy her sweets to keep her cool. Hahahaha!

Who is more jealous?

Blanche: BON
Bon: Yeah, me.

How do you usually spend date days/nights?

Blanche: We love eating at random newly discovered restaurants and go chill drinking and talk about life afterwards. That's how I gained 10 lbs. 
Bon: She drags me into authentic Korean restaurants like Samgyupsalamat in Taft and Jupiter St. But there's pork in the plate all the time. So why not? Hehe 

What's the sweetest thing you did for each other?

Blanche: He called my birth month a "Squishy Pudgy Birthday" where in I was pretty much the queen of all. Hahaha! He got me a princess ring and got me a huge bouquet of sunflowers too. Ty hehe
Bon: She gathered my closest friends from the office to plan and celebrate my birthday. She got balloons, a cupcake, homemade meals and cold drinks. Man! I have never celebrated my birthday like that in my entire life. Thank you so much hunny!
Blanche: You're welcome, Bunbun!

How did you spend your first date?

Blanche: I don't even know when our first day was... Which one was it? Lol
Bon: ...I don't know. Hahahaha! All I can remember is that we just go out whenever we wanted to. Especially when we had the similar restdays. Yeah lol

Who is more clingy?

Blanche: BON! Hahaha!
Bon: Okay... Me.

When did you realize that you have fallen for each other?

Blanche: I don't know... I just did. We we're always together, I can't keep track. Hehe
Bon: I realized that I have already fallen for her when I started to get jealous with these guy friends. I started thinking about her all the time and I unintentionally tried to keep her safe and sound. I remember I screamed at her when she used to talk to a random office guy more often than she used to talk to me. She stopped though! Lol guys! That's when you know...
Blanche: Ha??? Which one????

How do you guys see yourself 10 years from now?

Blanche: Ten years from now, I see us already achieved all our dreams as individuals. In those years together, I know we're already given ample time to do the things we wanted and dreamed of. I know that by that time, we're more than ready for each other. 
Bon: I see myself staring at her eyes, a bottle of champagne, a house, a fast car, a Little Miss Lee Blanche on her crib and a starry night! For me that sounds sweet. 

Hope you enjoy our little introduction on B&B. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed answering these questions. Until next time! <3 

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