Good Hair Day Favorites x Althea Korea

April 23, 2017

Last December I got a curated box from my favorite K-Beauty Store (Althea Korea) which led me into writing a blog;  Unboxing The Althea Good Day Hairbox, where I was able to describe and list down the hair products I got from them. 

A few months after, I am back to list down my top 5 favorites from the Althea Hair Box #5. This is going to be my honest top five most fond of list. <3

1. Green Tea Mint Shampoo

The Elizabeth Arden like scent of this shampoo is my favorite aside from its cool feeling when applied to my hair. Since its summer time here in the Philippines, its  refreshing to have its mint-y feel.

2. Raspberry Hair Vinegar

This berry scented Hair Vinegar has been my go to hair repair treatment. Tip: I use this like a hair conditioner when I feel like my hair needs a little TLC and I must say that it never fails to straighten and soften my hair after use.

3. Senseful Lady Hair Mist - Sensual Mask

This hair mist has been my companion in long commutes this summer time. After hours of my hair being exposed to the sun, it feels good to know that I have this product inside my bag to make sure that a few spritz on my hair will make it have a subtle floral fragrance.

4. Perfumegraphy Leave On Treament

In times that I have no time to dry my hair, this has been my bestfriend. This perfume smelling product makes sure that my hair looks presentable without tangles plus added volume too!

5. Biotin Hair Oil
(Hello Everybody)

This hair vitamin filled product makes sure that my hair get the nutrients it needs. As I've mentioned before, its easy pump bottle makes it easier to apply on wet or dry hair.

Have you bought your own Althea Box, yet? Get your own curated box of goodies specially made by Althea Korean Team back in Seoul by visiting <3 

Make Up: Rucys Vanity 
Lipsticks: Lipz Diva
Hair Care: Althea
MUA: Blanche Carpio
Photographed by: Sunny Castro

**The stuff I got from the haul are sponsored but all of what's written in this post are solely my opinion. 


  1. I agree! Your hair looks super gorg and extra healthy lately. ❤️

    1. Thank you! <3 They are THE best K-beauty store to date. :)

  2. I have always wanted to purchase in Althea pero ang mahal ng shipping fee kasi. Haha.

    1. HAHAHA! That's true! What I do is my friends and I buy in bulks so we'll hati the shipping. Hehe