Althea Korea Picks

January 10, 2017

Confession: I am now obsessed with Althea Korea. 

Althea Korea has been very generous in sending me beauty boxes and these products have now become staples in my make up bag.  

I'm going to share my top picks from Althea, short tips in using them and show you how it 
looks like when applied on my face. Enjoy! <3

Rosy Tint Lips
(Etude House)

In recent K-dramas, I often see girls wearing a gradient lippie and that's what lured me into choosing this product. All you need to do is dab a small amount into the center of the lips and evenly spread it out. Apply a small amount of powder on the outer part of the lips for a perfect gradient. 

Skin Liar Primer

Elizaveca's Skin Liar Primer has been by far my absolute favorite primer among all the primers that I've tried. When fully applied on the face, it turns into a powder like consistency which covers my pores and keeps my skin less oily even if I applied my full make up on. 

Soft Blending Stick Blusher

Highlighters aren't my thing until I tried this product. To be honest, I discovered this by accident. As I was picking the stuff to be shipped to me, I knew that I needed a blusher so my friend picked this for me. I thought that it was a regular blusher but it wasn't. It was bit shiny to be applied on my morena face so I tried to use it as a highlighter and it worked out perfectly for me. Since its a stick blush, I apply a fair amount (two swipes) on my cheekbone up to the area beside my ear and it adds an elegant sparkle on my face. 

Saemmul Real Tint

I can say that this lip tint is perfect for me. It doubles as a lip and cheek tint that's why its so convenient to use. Aside from the product smelling so good, I put three dots on my face and evenly spread it on my cheeks to give my them a rosy glow. On my lips, I apply it once on the upper and lower lip and it lasts from morning until night. <3
Disclaimer: Quickly spread the product on your cheeks. Its really pigmented so if not applied immediately, it might leave small pigmented marks on the cheek area. 

Blackgel Eye Liner 
(Tony Moly)

This was my first gel liner and I must say that I picked the perfect one! I use the long brush that comes with the product cap and has made it easier for me to apply. Its my go to eyeliner when I want my eyes to look bigger and bolder. I get a small amount of black gel and apply it on my bare eye line or even when I'm wearing false lashes.

Would like to start shopping after reading this beauty review? Visit or download the Althea app on google play and app store today and get PHP 150 off and PHP 150 rebate upon signing up for an account. <3

MUA: Blanche Carpio (
Creative Director: Christine Maranan
Photographed by: Sunny Castro 

P.S. Aside from these products, I'll be posting a review of the Althea Hair box. Watch out for it! 

What are the products that you bought from Althea? I want to read all about it! Post a comment/link on the comment section so I can view read too. <3

**The stuff I got from the haul are sponsored but all of what's written in this post are solely my opinion. 


  1. Korean Products is very popular now..
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    1. That's true! They carry the most popular Korean cosmetic brands. <3

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    1. Its super nice and lasts throughout the day! <3