Beauty Review x Rucy's Vanity

May 18, 2017

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Korean beauty products, masks and cosmetics. I love the gentleness of their skin care formulas as well as the scent of their products. I can't really get enough of them. (No joke~ lol)

That's why I am very excited to do a beauty review on a K-beauty brand that is available locally here in the Philippines called, Rucy's Vanity
Rucys' Vanity  was  founded in 2007 by Derm Plus Trading Inc. that aims to become one of the best distributor and importer of cosmetics line in the country by pursuing the best quality.

As an affiliated company of Derm Plus Korea Co., Ltd., manufacturer of Rucy’s Vanity in Korea, and with an experienced marketing and sales in the Philippines more than 6 years. Now, DRV Cosmetics Trading has continually broken new grounds in cosmetics distribution and aims to go against the conventional cosmetics distribution by living with the motto, “Satisfying customers first.”

Here are my thoughts on the cosmetics that I got from them. <3

Two Way Cake
with SPF 35 in Natural Beige
Selling Price: 250 php (12 g)
Combines the goodness of foundation and powder in one with added protection from UV rays with whitening effect. It whitens, stays matte all day, non-cakey, non-clogging with UV protection SPF 35. 

My Thoughts:
  • The packaging was nice convenient. It came with a divider that separates the face powder from the sponge for sanitary purposes. 
  • Its price is very affordable. (Well, we know how pricey two way cakes can be.)
  • The natural beige color that was sent to me was a little light for my skin since I am a morena but I loved that it stayed true to its description that it stays matte all day.
  • It's a little cakey if you'll be using BB creme as your base foundation so I recommend to use this two way cake directly as your make up base.
Will you buy it again?

Yes, I might buy this again! <3 But I think that the dark beige color will best suit my skin color. :)

Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara
Selling Price: 180 php (7 ml)
  • This mascara is hypo-allergenic and sweat resistant. This water-proof mascara naturally coats each lash making it appear longer and volumized.  It also protects lashes and lock in moisture.
My Thoughts: 
  • I personally like my lashes thick and long that's why I think this mascara works best for me. 
  • Its also hypo-allergenic which is perfect for me since my skin is very sensitive to strong chemicals and such.
  • Yes, it is waterproof. How did I know? I was using this product the whole 6 hours of my shoot, and no sweat ever did erase it. Lol~ 
  • For best use, I usually apply 2-3 coats on my lashes to make sure that its volume is just right and my hair won't get clamped together. 
Will I buy it again?

I might buy it as a back up or emergency mascara that I can take out on any of my small bags. 

Whitening Body Lotion
Acacia Scent
Selling Price: 120 php (100 ml)
  • This lotions whitens your skin and also makes it soft and elastic. It protects your skin from free radicals, contamination and irritations. It also contains extracts of aloe vera, portulaca, moraceae, centella and green tea to calm and soothe skin.
My Thoughts: 
  • Its gentle on the skin and doesn't get stick within the day,
  • I got the acacia scent which has a bit of a strong green tea scent that I am not used to, but is a bit calming too.
  • It comes in an easy squeeze bottle that is very convenient for people on-the-go like me. 
Will I buy it again?

I might get the Tropical Fruits scent since I think I'd love the sweet fruity variant. Hehe

Liquid Eyeliner
Selling Price: 160 php (7 ml)
  • A long lasting and water-proof eyeliner with deep black pigmentation that last whole day without smudging.
My Thoughts: 
  • It is super pigmented which works best for dramatic winged-liners
  • It has a super thin eyeliner brush that I am not used to so it took me a while and a number of erasures before I got the hang of it. Hahaha!
  • It does not smudge at all! I swear by it. 
Will I buy it again?

I might not. The brush is really thin for me so I really am having a hard time putting it on my lids. But if you love the winged-eyeliner thing, you'll surely love this!

Lip & Cheek Red
Selling Price: 80 php (8ml)
This dual-purpose liquid stain gives lips and cheeks a hint of natural-looking colour. Can be used under gloss for added intensity. This products is dermatologically tested. It also contains Green Tea & Collagen that works best for moisturizing and smoothing out texture.
My Thoughts:
  • This lip and cheek tint is my favorite among the products that were sent to me.
  • It is super pigmented and is easily mixed with other lipsticks.
  • It also has a sweet scent that makes it fun to apply and easy to apply
  • A pea sized amount for each cheek is enough to make your cheeks rosy pink the whole day. 

    Will I buy it again? 

    I absolutely will! Its super affordable and easy to use. I'll get another one when mine runs out. :)

    Which products are your favorite? I'd love to hear it! Place a comment on the comment section below. <3

    Make Up: Rucys Vanity 
    Hair Care and Skin Care: Leinia House of Beauty
    Photographed by: Sunny Castro

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all the written opinions here are solely my own and unbiased after trying the products.

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