Being #TheNewBrave In This Pandemic with Whisper

September 12, 2020

We're already towards the end of 2020 but we are still trying to rise above the changes and challenges brought to us by this pandemic. The extreme ramifications of the said global crisis may seem hopeless, yet a whisper of positivity perseveres that we will rise through this trial with our heads held high knowing that there is nothing we can't conquer. 

Aside from the women rocking every industry in this pandemic, it has been a known fact that women have continued to exemplify different kinds of bravery through history that's resilient, brave and true to themselves whatever the circumstances may be. In this new normal, as we adjust to its changes, we also see a wave of women being #TheNewBrave that we didn't even know we needed. 
In these trying times where bravery can be defined by a lot of different things, Whisper celebrates the new kind of bravery that sheds into light where women has adapted to anything and everything that life has thrown at them in this pandemic. As for me, that would be having a a full time day job and still being able to pursue my passion in blogging and content creating -- those are just some of the things that I am trying to consistently accomplish as I step into #TheNewBrave. 

#TheNewBrave is about rising through life's struggles and adversities; #TheNewBrave inspires women to embrace their vulnerability because we know that pain is not forever and that we always reach the other side as winners. 
Physical and emotional pain are best understood by women as it comes to us every month in different degrees which has developed a new kind of bravery rooted in resiliency. Whisper's 3x better protection* is sure to protect our most vulnerable moments as women, making sure that we can move regardless of our periods. The Whisper Pink (Cottony Soft) variant comes with dermacare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, reduces friction, adds moisture and improves the skin barrier making our monthly woes bearable. That's why Whisper helps women to still continue being #TheNewBrave and be at their best even during their worst cycles. 

For a glimpse at what #TheNewBrave means, watch Whisper’s new video below. Together, let's celebrate the small victories, find meaning and joy in everything we've been through that led into who we are today, because as women of Whisper, we can be #TheNewBrave in this new normal. 
Share your insipiring #TheNewBrave stories with Whisper by using the hasthad #TheNewBrave on Facebook and Instagram and tagging Whisper's social media accounts (Facebook: Whisper Philippines Instagram: @WhisperPhilippines

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What are ways that you've been part of #TheNewBrave movement? Let me know in the comment section below. <3

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