Make Up Chronicles: Day x Night

November 19, 2015

If there is something in life that I am obsessed with (aside from clothes), that'd be make up. Nope, I am not a self absorbed person for wanting to look a certain way from time to time. Unlike Selena Gomez's song that says "I wanna look good for ya, good for ya" Nope... I want to look good for myself. (Insert lolz here) 

I asked my friend Patty to tag along and be one of my subjects. We did two looks each, one for the day and another for night. 


{I don't usually go on a t-shirt-shorts-cap combo but it's worth a try right? I used my City Color Lip Crayon (Blushing Bride  and Bridesmaid) for an attempt to get an effortless look that goes with the outfit.}

{Patty loves to wear sweaters. Since the sweater is plain, I chose a bold lipstick to complete her look. I used Burt's Bees Lip Crayon (Napa Vineyard) to make her lips pop.}


{For the night look, I changed my lipstick to MAC (Diva) and darkened my eye shadow which went perfectly well with this green top that I was wearing. }

{Patty's make up choice is more subtle than mine since she's not used to wearing make up. I changed her lip color into City Color Lip Crayon (Blushing Bride and Bridesmaid) that matched her top.}

{I used the Love and Beauty Palette (Forever 21) for our eye shadow.}

The best tip that I can give you is that if you'd go bold on your lips, go light on your eye make up and vice versa. Its important that you pick the right color that goes on your outfit for that day/night too.

Hope you find my tips useful for your everyday use. 'Til next time. :)

Photographed by: Blanche Carpio and Patricia General 
MUA: Blanche Carpio (
Photos Edited By: Patty General  (

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